The $1 Trillion Digital Learning market—previously thought possible within 15 years—will reach that in half the time.

The global pandemic has been a catalyst of explosive growth in education technology. The sector is projected to hit the trillion-dollar mark by 2027.* There are roughly 30 privately held Digital Learning companies today with valuations exceeding $1 billion each. Just five years ago, there were none.

* Source: Global Silicon Valley estimates (Medium)

Despite favorable sector tailwinds—plus a rich landscape of dynamic private companies transforming learning, and growing at double-digit rates—there wasn’t a single pure-play edtech-focused SPAC in the U.S. until 2021.

In this defining moment, Class Acceleration Corp. is singularly positioned to capitalize on the boundless growth opportunity around Digital Learning.

Class CEO Michael Moe leads a preeminent group of education, technology, and financial executives helping shape the future of knowledge.

The Class Team

Members of the Class Team are widely regarded as the gold standard in edtech investing and thought leadership. You might say we’re in a Class by ourselves—with investments in many of the world’s most dynamic and innovative emerging Digital Learning leaders, and media properties bringing the ecosystem together.

Our proprietary, thematic investment lens continues to lead us to some of the most groundbreaking investments in the space. This is the company we keep.

Our Focus

The future of Digital Learning has never been brighter—and our radar is on for the next superstar.

Uniquely positioned to drive long-term value, our team is ready to pair with one brilliant edtech company and accelerate its trajectory toward true greatness.

The companies and founders we align with view us as a preferred partner. With an exceptional track record of innovation, as well as operational and entrepreneurial expertise, we bring the know-how, relationships, and resources to build value post-merger, plugging into the exponential power of our vast network, growth mindset, and shared corporate values.